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CEO致辞 From the CEO

Zoeller is a family of companies that focus on meeting water and waste water needs around the world. The Zoeller Family of Water Solutions is a family owned business based in Louisville Kentucky USA and has been in business since 1939. Our companies include the Zoeller Pump Company providing sump and sewage pumping equipment, Lincoln industries a plastic injection molding company, Wolf Pump an agricultural irrigation company. Tulsar a Canadian Company building control systems, Zoeller Taiwan which is a manufacturing company and ZETEC, Zoeller's China based environmental solutions company.

Within the Zoeller Pump Company is the Clarus brand which represents many years providing solutions for decentralized wastewater problems. These technologies are being adapted to China's needs by ZETEC staff. China has many interesting environmental challenges and ZETEC brings useful experience to apply to the China situation. ZETEC staff truly want to learn about China's needs, adapt technology to the local condition, and bring sustainable solutions that everyone is pleased with. ZETEC staff are partnering with US based companies, local universities, government agencies, and businesses to ensure efficiency of our process and success to the customer. ZETEC staff have pledged to bring Zoeller's quality, service, innovation and integrity to the China market. At all the Zoeller family of water solution companies, your peace of mind is our top priority.